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Hi! My name is Sam Miller. Originally born and raised in Texas, I am a graphic designer with many years of experience in the field of production and design.

Initially I started with Photography. I inherited a love for print from my grandmother, who was a journalist and teacher in East Texas. She gave me my first camera, which was her Yashica medium format. I practically lived in the dark room developing and printing my first year at college.

It was there that I met with a couple of guys who ran a graphics and sign company. They specialized in screen printing shirts and bumper stickers, but also did vehicle graphics. I became friends with them, and ended up spending any free time I had with them learning and helping out. Until then I had done nothing except design for the sake of designing, but seeing an actual final project come to life was amazing. I really enjoy the technical end of things.

The same year I was offered an internship at our local television station. After a few months I was offered a full time position, and I quickly accepted. This job had everything I enjoyed! Cameras, tapes & film, audio, graphics and production. I worked my way up from prompter, then to camera operator, then tape, then finally Master Control. I worked closely with the news producer and the director on various live news segments. The job was very tedious and techical, and the final product was creative and fulfilling. I would have loved to stay with that company forever, however after two years I was only being paid a little over six dollars an hour. Even for that time it wasn't enough to live on.

I decided to move to Dallas, as I had friends there and needed a change. I found a job at a company called Tri-Con, which was a data service company for many chain restaurants. This job was not creative, nor was it overly technical. I was placed in a temporary position and told that a more permanent position would be happening for me soon. It never did. The company restructured and laid off almost everyone, with the exception of management.

From there I moved to Florida. I was having a son and elected to raise him here with her side of the family. My first job was Sign-A-Rama. I had a start to finish type of position. Creative meetings, drafting, designing, producing, and installing. It was a small company, with only an owner and two employees. Even though it was small, I had big ideas.

I decided to strike out on my own and with a colleague in tow, formed our own business. We started Impact Signs & Graphics in Bradenton. We primarily focused on non electrical signs, including architectural prints, wraps, and real estate advertisement. With just the two of us, we managed to stay in business for five years. Until 2008. I'm sad to say our company, like very many, did not survive the economical crash.

From there I found employment with the Tattoo Factory. At the time it was the nation's second largest distributor of temporary tattoos. Some of our clients included Kelloggs, Disney, General Mills, etc. It was my job to receive the artwork from clients and format them into temporary tattoos for our weekly press sheet run. During this time I took on contract work helping several start up sign companies in the area get off the ground. I would help them set up their servers, printers, plotters, workstations, networks and software. I was promoted to Art Director at the Tattoo Factory. Eventually I would also take on marketing, as well as an office management position. After working there for over ten years, the company closed down. I really enjoyed my time there, as well as the associates that worked there.

I am ready for my next adventure. I am hoping it will bring on new experiences for a long and fruitful chapter in my career.