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I believe that sometimes life tends to be forgotten. We get so bogged down with the negatives that we often don't take time to look at the positive side of life. The negatives aren't things that we have to do, they are things that we get to do. Work is something that we get to do. I'm sure there are a great many things we'd all prefer doing, but would we appreciate these things as much if we didn't work so hard to attain them?

I believe that happiness is a responsibility to one's self. It comes from within, and no one is under obligation to lift your spirits.

I am also of the belief that you cannot have too many hobbies or interests. Here are a few things that I find fulfilling.

Family is the most important thing. My son is now going into his second year in the Army. He has just been promoted to E-3, and I am very proud of him. Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to me. There have been plenty of successes and failures leading to this point, and I'm still amazed constantly from his progress. I sure wish I could slow the hands of time just a bit.

I don't know of anything more frustrating than trying to keep every member of your family happy with your life decisions. The dynamics are always vast. One thing I do know, is that through the years and changes, they will have my back. It is the greatest feeling on Earth to truly know this.

I try to give each member a daily thought, and strive to honor those who have passed. I hope they will continue to be proud of me, as I work to secure a future for my son and future generations.

No matter hard things have been, at my core I am a family man.

Can you imagine how much fun life has to be with these guys? Let me introduce you to my fur-babies. From the Left: Deebo, Chloe and last but not least- Ricky Bobby.

They were all named prior to joining our family, and they were all at least two years old before coming to live with us. They already knew their names.

Deebo loves naps and ladies, Chloe loves food and hates the vet, and Ricky Bobby has a split personality.

Everyone should have a dog. Every dog should have a couch and be spoiled. I firmly believe you are judged by how you treat your lessers, not that this group could remotely be called that. During most of our movie times, they have the couch and I get the floor...